Welcome to the website of Stonewall Library. Opened in 1983, Stonewall is a library that takes pride in servings the local citizens in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

From our humble beginnings in 1992, we’ve continue to receive support from the surrounding communities. We have combined resources to provide materials, services, and information to help residents and visitors meet their cultural, educational and recreational needs. With the solid foundation of the community of Fort Lauderdale, Stonewall Library continues to grow each year with additional resources and new materials.

Our Mission

Our mission at Stonewall Library is to work with the Fort Lauderdale community by providing literature resources and materials. Stonewall Library combines a continuous commitment to traditional values to transform its services and facilities to assist the residents and community.

Our Vision

Today, Stonewall Library remains the heart of the local Fort Lauderdale community, meeting the demands of its diverse community and responding to the interests of the growing youth.

Our Mission is to Strengthen Education, Strengthen Research, Strengthen Success For Every Reader