Five Amazing Fiction Books to Read Before Going to Sleep

Looking for a healthy way to relax before bedtime? Here are five amazing fiction books to read before going to sleep.

The Sun Also Rises


One of Ernest Hemingway’s greatest novels gives the story of young American and British Men during the 1920’s era. It is a story of a man in love with a young woman who embarks her journey of falling in love, heartbreak, and life after World War l.  



Written by Henry David Thoreau, this class novel opens the doors to the experiences of living in a cabin in Massachusetts for two years. Get lost in the philosophies as the author lives an independent life in an entirely unconventional way. Learn how to break new boundaries as many influencers have taken inspiration, including Grande.

The Thorn Birds


Written by Colleen McCullough, this fictional story follows the lives of three generations living in the Australia outback. The main story of the novel is Meggie, the only girl in the family. She struggles to feel love by her mother and finds love with someone she cannot be with. The forbidden love story is just a fraction of the family’s big dreams and darkest secrets. Get lost in this book before heading to bed.

Life on Mars


Get lost with Tracy K. Smith’s book of poetry and beautiful images. Life on Mars offers a collection of poetry for science fiction fans. Her fascination with the thought of being limitless captivates readers with words that bring us towards the universe swells. Get lost with her words as your eyes fill with lovely images.

The History of Love


Author Nicole Krauss gives us a story about returning to the family after a period of loss and loneliness. A girl is desperate to trying a way to treat her mother’s loneliness, only to find a possible cure in an old book. She begins her journey looking for the author.

Remember to read physical books instead of e-books or on Kindle. The blue lights on e-readers tend to make it harder for you to sleep properly. Have a warm cup of tea and enjoy a relaxing night as you get lost in these amazing books.

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