How to Find Any Book or Archive You Want in a Library?

A library is filled with thousands of books and archives all over the building. So how do you find the book you want in a library? Here’s how:

Step 1: Look Around


If you’re new to the library, take the time to look around. You will notice the signs and directories inside or at the front desk. Each shelf is making with specific indications that helps keep books in order and the same section.

Step 2: Search the Computerized Catalog     


If you weren’t able to find the book you’re looking for, most libraries have computerized catalogs that tell you which isle to look for. First, you will type in the title, author, subject/topic, and keyword. If you’re looking for a book on a certain topic or keyword for let’s say “Beginner’s French,” the electronic catalog will then show you a list of available books based on that keyword.

Step 3: Check if the book is in stock


Once you have chosen the book, make sure to check if it is in stock most catalogs also feature the “in stock or borrowed” feature. Check to help save you time and effort looking for a book that may not even be there.

Step 4: If taken, consider other options


If the book is unavailable, consider other options with the keywords. Chances are there is a similar book with the same concept.

Step 5: Write the Information Down


Once you’ve decided on an available book, write down the signs given from the catalog. There are labels on every shelf to help you locate the book.

Step 6: Look for the Chosen Book


After you have written the section number, go ahead and look for the shelf stated.

Step 7: Consult the Librarian


If you’re still having problems looking for a book, don’t be afraid to ask the librarian. They should be glad to help you find the book that you’re looking for or at least direct you to a similar option.

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