Three Reasons Why Libraries Are Still Very Useful

Many people suggest that libraries aren’t needed anymore due to the high rise of computers and the web. From looking for hard-to-find articles to more opportunities for the youth, libraries provide resources that others may not be privileged with. While the internet may be useful, there are reasons why libraries are still useful. Here are three reasons why:

  • You can’t find EVERYTHING on the Internet

While there is useful information on the web, not everything can be found with a simple Google search.  The online library isn’t the internet. In fact, there are many materials like books, journals, articles and reports that are digitized and stored in a database at the library.  

At the library, you can access restricted academic journals that are not found online. Access to these types of articles requires subscriptions that are usually covered by libraries.

  • Libraries Don’t Have Just Books

Libraries are keeping up with modern times as most carry e-books and audio readers. Librarians are trained to research topics for users. There are also classes offered at more libraries for those who want to learn basic computer skills and writing.

Most libraries have also turned eco-friendly. From sharing computers to fax machines, people can also borrow CDs and DVDs rather than purchase them at the store.

  • Makes a Difference for Children

Libraries can benefit the lives of children as many libraries offer volunteer tutoring programs for those who don’t have the luxury of having a private tutor, story day for children to enjoy, and computers for those who may not have one at home. Libraries help keep kids on track when it comes to their education. Studies also show that areas with high dropout rates may be connected to not having an active educational program or library in the area.

For some communities, a public library may be the only place for the youth to go, without charge. Kids with no place to study or go can find a haven at the local library.

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